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EW200: Intro to Programming and Design

August 2023 - December 2023

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Course Description

This was my first robotics course at USNA.

Course Catalog Description

This course acts as an introduction to the robotics and control engineering major, focusing on programming, and the development of hardware and software solutions to engineering problems. Using a project-based approach, the course ties together topics from the core, introduces the basics of technical communication and the design process.

Learning Outcomes
  • To understand the basic tools and techniques of Robotics & Control engineering
  • To design algorithms to solve a variety of problems
  • To demonstrate a proficiency with:
    • Python programming language
    • Circuit Python for micro controllers
  • To demonstrate a familiarity with:
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Hardware prototyping
    • Open Source software libraries
  • To provide insight into the engineering process

Final Project

The final project for this course was to create an original video game in Python.

Demo Video